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Beware Sony promo offers


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Sony promos

As a avid Sony consumer I feel totally ripped off by the latest promo, firstly the larger incentive is to buy direct from Sony not established retailers - shame for being so shortsighted when the rest of the consumer experience with Sony is sure to fail and a slap in the face for retailers who stock and promote Sony.

Firstly to reclaim a $100 bonus gift car you have to follow links to Sony that do not exist- confirmed by Sony themselves.

Then you have to go through customer post-sales-care and wait and wait for the promos team to agree to post a card.

When the card does arrive you have to activate via a link which again does not exist - surprise surprise, the Sony promo site advises redemptions no longer available ????

When you receive your new camera it also comes with a $25 Sony gift voucher but surprise surprise it is already 3 months out of date.

There can only be two explanations - total incompetence or someone is getting a bonus for offering incentives that are not actually paid out - bonus for the sales executive that dreamed up this scheme.

From my perspective and experiences Sony are overlooking the big picture here and treating their customers with contempt, but how would I know I was only a loyal customer not a market researcher.

Sony - you win - keep your redemptions, pay your marketing team a bonus for the redemptions not actually able to be redeemed and I will enjoy my last Sony.

Great products alone don't always endure!










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