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An interesting photo or a bad photo? Lotus pond

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Hello :) 

    I recently had the opportunity to go to a lotus pond. Beforehand, I did a quick look up of "lotus ponds/flowers" on google and saw a lot photos of single lotus flowers placed in the middle of the shot. I wanted to try something different and this was what I ended up with. In the middle is an unfurled lotus leaf and behind it is a wilting lotus flower. The lotus flower and the unfurled leaf seem to be competing subjects since they're both in the middle, but I still like the photo in my own weird way. I was wondering how other photographers would feel about the composition of this photograph. Would this be considered bad composition? Would someone say this is an interesting photo or a bad photo? 

This was shot with sony a6000 + kit lens.

- Hummingbird 


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I like the photo. Personally. I would crop substantially from the left side since to my eye that part doesn't add much to the photo. I'd lift the shadows a bit so that there is a little more context around the blossom. Also, I don't know if you cropped this, but if possible, maybe try to get that entire little cluster of white flowers in the lower rt corner, into the frame. They could really help balance the image. Just my opinion of course. Something like this?


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