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What is the best sharpest lens for the Sony a68 a mount?

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I would like to purchase a new lens for my camera a68 sony a mount.

Sharpness and clarity are very important for my portraiture and weddings. Also a wide aperture is preferable.

Can anyone recommend any. Currently I have SAM 4.5-5.6 55-300mm

and Sony 18-250mm 3.5-6.3

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Is this a fake or a real question, first-time poster who didn't bother to introduce him/herself?

Please be aware, that the sensor of the A68 is APS-C (only). The SAM 4.5-5.6 55-300mm is probably one of the worst-performing lenses for Sony A-mounts ever tested on dxomark, coming in at the 7913th rank of all lenses ever tested, in the "sharpness" category . This spells:

Any lens will most likely do better in terms of sharpness. You don't need any particular advice here.

Also, wide apertures don't go along well with sharpness requirements.

Maybe you'll want to consider a used full-frame camera and suitable lense for you purpose. The dxomark's databases are a good starting point to read up on the matter.

Also, tell us about the budget you're willing to dedicate to your quest. This will most likely considerably limit the range of your choices.


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