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Sony a6400 MOIRE alaising

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Hello I bought a sony a6400 and I started to do test for video and I noticed that both the viewfinder and the lcd appears very MOIRE and alaising an absurd thing on roofs in fences walls with bricks of various shapes shirts with stripes hairs etc, etc.  test another Sony a6400 and I was amazed at the amount of MOIRE alaising just to give an example was to shoot some buildings and the image was full of MOIRE and gets recorded .... !!!!  is already the second camera that testo of different dates of manufacture.  I come from Canon and I already had several cameras and I never found this problem ... sony says that a feature of the machine and not defect ... is there I'm confused if the video becomes unusable how can I make video ?????  so being the character of the machine is worth not having video only photo !!!! ????  I ask you to help me with this problem is there any way in the settings to eliminate or minimize this problem?

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