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Pixel shift images

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    • Your camera settings seem ok so no issue there. Be sure to disable stabilization when shooting from a tripod as your camera will try to compensate for shake that isn't there. This might result in a slight blur. It's quite difficult to assess your photos (am on phone atm). On the second photo it seems to be a depth of field / focus plane issue: the buildings in the back seem sharper than the trees/foliage. Same with the last image: focus seems to be more on the lightpost than on the building
    • I found another site that confirmed what you said, it seems I can still assign the focus hold button to eye af and then if I am using a spot focus area pressing the focus hold will override the spot and snap on to the eye. 🙂
    • I'm not exactly sure but it seems your help reference is outdated: initially it worked like that on the A7(R)III but with a certain firmware update these cameras got a feature called 'real-time Eye-AF', removing the need to press a button to engage Eye-AF.
    • Hi, I switched from Canon a while ago but I am struggling to understand and use my A7iii well, I've watched loads of tutorials but still find myself forgetting where stuff is in the menu although I've set some in the FN menu now.  I've read most people use the focus hold button on the lens for eye af so I followed this, http://support.d-imaging.sony.co.jp/support/ilc/eyeaf/en/index.html I also have face/Eye Prty in AF - ON, Subject Detection - Human, Face Dtct Frame Dsp - ON and Animal
    • Boa tarde. Minha primeira vez aqui. Tenho receio de atualizar o firmware da minha câmera. Então minha pergunta, é seguro, pode acontecer de travar a câmera ou acontecer de dar algum problema????? Outra dúvida, meu cabo USB não é o da Sony, posso usar esse??? Obrigado    Good afternoon.  My first time here.  I'm afraid to update my camera's firmware.  So my question, is it safe, can it happen to lock the camera or happen to give some problem ?????  Another question, my USB cable is not
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