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A7Rii pro work?

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Do you think that the A7Rii in combination with an A6000 is good enough to do pro work? Like weddings and portrait stuff? Even though they have one card slot? 

Ive heard about Western Digital wireless harddrives with SD backup to work around one card. If you backup regularly it should minimize the risks enough right? 

I saw a youtube video of a dude who shoots canon rp with only one slot who does that, and also how did guys like lanier do it before the a7riii with two slots?

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If you accepts one penny, you are a pro.

Nevertheless, those two are fine.

Are you making under $5,000.00, you are an amateur.

If you can get $500.00 for an 8 X10 print, then try to sell it for $2,000.00.

It is more important to know your clients and know your equipment fully.

The art is really not being a photographer.

But being a good seller is an art that they will NEVER teach you in school.



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I would rather have a pricing guide and stand your ground rules as with eyeseeyou2 sai.

About term "professional is a money making term which means "I do this for income". Like a mover will have a price guide for instance, does not matter if they do a good job or not they are still making income from it.

For weddings it literally costs $800

However some photographers go out of their way to charge $3000. That is to hire "extra help, and get over the top shots you see being marketed".

Sometimes a fellow will get paid $2000 just to run around and take as many shots possible ( special or not ).

I know people who do wedding photography with a cellphone camera. They kinda feel bad because their previous phone camera had a real aperture lens which made things exciting

How would you go about pricing? and business talk? What about specific shots?

Again it is more about what you offer and ability then what you do.

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