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Newbie to Sony


Below are 2 pictures of my son

1st picture Sony A7iii with Zeiss 25mm f2 shot at iso 1600 (so not high) No flash f2.5 1/160

2nd picture Nikon D3 12-year-old camera with Nikon 50mm f1.4 shot the same as above but distance slightly different

Is it me or is the 2nd picture the Nikon better, I'm not trying to bash Sony as I've sold my gear and moved to Sony , but expected more to be honest, unless im doing something wrong?



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Difficult to tell what went wrong here but I’m confident it’s not the camera. At least to say I’m confident it’s not the camera in general. That pic is pretty noisy and even in challenging situations I don’t get any where near that degree of noise. I’ve also rented the Batis 25 and it was blisteringly sharp. I wish I could help more only to say something does appear to have gone (out of the ordinary) wrong.

This is not what to expect from an A7iii

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