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Castle Combe racing

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I was at Castle Combe circuit on Easter Monday for the annual Howards Day racing.

The weather was dry and bright but with a heat haze and some cloud but still good enough to get some action photos.

Another chance to try out the A9+100-400 "G" Master combo and they did not dissapoint.

The new tracking since firmware update is incredible and just stays locked on as needed.


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You did good ! 

100  - 400, is a bit beyond  my style, but  you obviously know, what you are doing !

Jeez,   Years ago, my mate  Steve, who was a Racing Instructor, right  there,  told this  fantastic story, about some  professor  wanting to  drive his innovative  sports car, around the track !

Expecting some sort of exotic design,  the office gave the professor, a trial time & date !

On the day, this so called  Professor, turned up, in what looked like, a battered  Ford Escort  ??

OK, he  had  to tune the Engine,so he needed  a few moments  of   OOOOOHHHMMMM

Then he played a Casette  Tape, of  Blackbirds   singing !

By then,  not only   my mate  Steve, but also the rest of the staff, started  wondering, what the hell is going  on !

Anyway, on the green light, this  , so  called  Professor,  took off...

Then he crashed on the first bend !!

OK .,he was not injured,  but he knew exactly ... who was responsable !!

A group of dissident  tibettan monks, who were determined to thwart his  efforts !!!!

Steve & his crew, went for a drink, while the professor  waited  for  a  tow  truck !


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