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    • Hola. Buen Foto, perro apperece demasiado frio para mi !
    • A7R3 + batis 85 Hello guest! Please register or sign in to view the hidden content.
    • I had my first A9, replaced within a month or so of purchase, because the switch was defective. The only way, I could get the  LCD to work,  was ...by pulling it away,   from the back of the camera. Otherwise, I had to do everything through the viewfinder, which was not easy. I am not saying  its the same problem, but mebbe worth a try ? I bought  the A9 through a Jessops branch, and they agreed that  that should not happen in a camera costing over  4 grand. The replacem
    • Facundo. Primero, desde  su foto, la pila  es agotado ! Segundo, no hay tarjeta  SD.  Vamos a cargar la pilla , y intentalo de nuevo, con tarjeta de  SD montado. Si a veces, un ISO alto, puede salvar un opportunidad, perro en este caso  no sale bien. Probarlo de nuevo con menos ISO Suerte.
    • Hard to explain in a headline, but basically I got my a6000 three months ago and it’s been working great. Lent it to my sister-in-law for a weekend and since then it’s charging has been so weird.  Plugged in, the light by the mini USB doesn’t turn yellow. The top right battery indicator also shows nothing.  But leave it alone long enough and it does seem to charge, although the better doesn’t seem as long lasting as before. The camera is also registering the USB as there since it goes
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