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Hi Everyone,  thanks in advance for your help. I have this amazing A7iii with eye af in photo mode but I’m missing something. Watching all the different videos showing all the amazing features that focus on eye af seem to show that there is eye af in video mode, but unless I’m in p, a, s, or m there isn’t a way to use eye af in video. The other question is do I have to continually have to hold whatever button is assigned (center) or is there a way to toggle eye af. Currently the only way to hold focus is using face detection unless I hold the center button or whatever the button is assigned to for eye af. Great abilities, but frustrated with this. I can’t see holding a button to focus on an eye while the camera is on a gimbal. 

Thanks again for all your help. 



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Hi LiveShots,

Thanks for letting me know. I actually just updated my camera and new functionality, Face/Eye AF Set. I'm testing it on a 28-75mm Tamron F2.8 and a Sony 85mm F1.8. So at first, the way I interpret "Real Time Eye AF" is that it is constantly focused on the eye without actually pressing anything, so if the model turns away and back, it would automatically re-acquire the eye, but that only happens if you half press the shutter button or press the AF-ON button. So not how I thought it would work, it's still better than assigning a button.

Maybe someone can explain why you only get face detection and not Eye-AF in video mode? If you're doing video interviews, wouldn't that be important?



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I wonder if in video mode you might be more aware of focus changes as the camera hunts for the small eye target, where a face being larger might result in less focus hunting?  Also in video generally your subject is viewed in much less detail as opposed to still photography where you may zoom in and pixel peak just to check focus.  In a talking head video, for example, I don't think one would notice the difference between focus obtained on the eye versus focus on the face.  Just a few thoughts, not based upon fact or knowledge.  (typical for me)

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