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Kenko Close-Up Lens 49mm AC No.5 Achromatic-Lens

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I purchased this close up lens filter for my Sony 55-210mm lends to try and dabble in the world of macro photography. The issue is that I can't get the camera to focus when I have the lens filter on. Can someone help? I'm not sure where to turn for guidance. Below is a link to the lens... 


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Hi SelfieMatt,

Might want to post this in the APS-C section instead of Fullframe.

That being said, I suggested you buy this filter in your previous thread. Like I said there, with this filter on your camera won't be able to focus beyond ~30cm in front of the lens (depending a bit on focal length). Try to see at what subject distance you're able to manually focus. With good light, autofocus should also work in that range albeit a bit slow. If you want to focus further away, remove the filter.

Since your depth of field is razor thin, it's best to focus manually in macro-range anyway. What I tend to do is zoom to the max (210 mm), do some coarse manual focussing and then fine-tune the focus by moving the camera slightly forward or backward while using magnified live view.

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