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Enthusiastic amateur- help required choosing a model

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I'm after a little advice. I enjoy my photography and currently use a P*******c Lumix and a variety of lenses. I'd like to go full frame, partly as I do some night stuff. Now, I don't spend an awful lot of time out and about but as my little boy gets older I hope to. So, I think I'm going to go for a A7 as a foray into that world. My question to the floor is, do I get an old cheap(ish) A7 or A7R or do I throw a little more at it and get a Mark II? I can make a case for both options so some unbiased users' views would be welcome.



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I suggest for A7m3, this camera is more than enough, cheaper A7Rm2, good for event photography except, if you need is higher pixel, may choose A7R or A7Rm3 good for landscapes. last, back to what kind of purpose you will use for with full frame.

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