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a6400 video focus tracking question

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" Just picked up the a6400 with the 18-135 lens and the E50mm1.8 lens. I'm really enjoying this camera so far.

I'm hoping someone can help me with a question/problem. In "movie" mode, I have been trying to active "touch to track" autofocus.

When I attempt to activate via the menu (Custom Operation2, 9/9, "Func of Touch Operation") I get the error: "This operation or setting not available as follows File Format XAVC S 4K"

Any 4k mode/bit rate generates the same message. Since it does work in 1080 video mode, it seems the function is not available for 4k video. The manual (online help guide p138 - Touch Tracking section) doesn't indicate any limitation in regards to 4k shooting. It only states that touch tracking does not work "When shooting movies with [   Record Setting] set to [120p]/[100p]. 

Is touch tracking possible in 4k? If so, how?

If not, what focus tracking options are available in 4k mode?




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A follow-up to my own question, in the event someone else has the same issue.

Touch track DOES work in 4k mode. 

Not sure why I couldn't get it to go. A Sony rep helped me out - ended up resetting the camera to default settings, enabled the necessary menu items and it now works. It may have been a related setting or just s glitch. Either way, it is working now.

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On 11/6/2019 at 1:11 AM, omri said:

 I have reset everything and also turned off proxy function.... still doesn't work in 4K...help...

That's odd. I can confirm touch tracking is working in 4k.

Make sure you completely reset your unit. I don't know if there's a "soft" reset vs a full "factory" reset. Just make sure you fully reset everything.

Which firmware are you on? There was an update since the original release. Maybe you could try to install/re-install the latest firmware version.

If that doesn't work, I would reach out to Sony directly. Their support people might be able to help.

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