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I can't see anything on this forum for sony rx10 iv, perhaps I should be ellswhere? If not here is my take on this camera. I have had the a7, a72, a7r2 a6000, and a6500 and I can honestly say that this rx10 iv has given me more pleasure and better pictures than any of the previous ones. the picture quality is far better than what I expected.  Being a bit of a pixel peeper I am truly happy with this camera. I have read so many reviews on this camera and can't believe some of the comments on this that and the other. I have large prints(a3) taken with my then a7r2 and 16/32 lens and have compaired  them with rx10( same picture)in a stately home and can't say  one is better than the other. If you don't want to carry loads of lenses, this is the one i recommend, and your pictures will be excellent.

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