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Saving Feature C1-2-3 Memory Dials on A7R3

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I assigned all nacessary adjustment on camera mode dial C1-2-3 on my A7R3 except silent shooting at C2.

I switch the dial to C2 and put the silent shooting mode ON. It takes picture at silent shooting until I change the dial to another mode and when I am back to C2 silent shooting mode is OFF. Same when I switch the camera OFF and when it is back ON, silent shooting mode is not ON any more at C2 mode !

What am I missing?

I think adjusting the silent shooting mode ON is not enough to keep it SAVED forever. May be I need to SAVE it somehow and I can't do it.


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Samy, first I highly recommend that you view the excellent videos posted on Youtube by Mark Galer.  He has a specific one on saving the camera settings to the memory locations that correspond with the 1, 2, and 3 on the Mode dial.

But let me briefly point you in the right direction.  

  1. First, the numbered positions (1, 2, 3) on the Mode dial refer to memory locations where you can save nearly all of this cameras abundance of settings.  It is a huge number of settings, not just 1.  So I won't list them all here.  Note, though, that it includes the "Mode" that was in use when you saved the camera's settings.  For example, if you were in "A" mode when you saved the camera's settings for "1" then when you turn the dial to "1" the camera will be in "A" mode.
  2. When you switch to 1 or 2 or 3 on the Mode dial, you are resetting all of the settings in the camera that were in place when you "saved" to "1".
  3. This "saving" operation is performed by going to the first Camera menu, the 3rd page and the look at the second option from the bottom.  But before you go there you need to make ALL of the camera settings exactly as you want them to be when you turn the dial to "1".  
  4. Once the camera settings are saved to "1" (or "2" or "3") the next time you turn the Mode dial to that number ALL of the camera settings will be restored to the state that they were when you saved them.  You can of course change the settings while remaining in the Mode.  But once you turn the dial to A or S or M or P and go back to, say 1, all the saved settings will again be restored.

You do not save settings for the numbered Modes simply by changing the setting while in that Mode.  It must be done with the menu item I pointed out.  And it will apply to all settings on the camera.

This is a very powerful capability and I'll explain how I use it in just a moment.  But first, I suggest not using the terminology "C1 or C2".  In the Sony world, that terminology applies to the 4 customer buttons you can setup in various ways.  (Again, I suggest you go through Mark Galer's video tutorials.)

How I use Modes 1, 2 and 3.

  • Since each of these modes applies to nearly all of the settings on the camera, I have arranged them for specific and very different types of shooting.  I use 1 for Landscape shooting with a tripod, I use 2 for Action shooting (sports, wildlife) and I use 3 for Portrait shooting which I do very rarely.  When I am just walking around I typically have the mode set to A and a lot of other things different.
  • Here is how it works.  The first thing I did is set up the camera - all the settings that were required - to the setting I want for Landscape on a tripod.  Mode is set to Manual, Aperture to 9, ISO to 100, Steady Shot is turned off, Focus is set to DMF and so on.  (I used Mark Galer's suggestions as a starting point.)
  • Once the camera was set up the way I like for this situation then I go to the the Menu, Camera 1, 2nd page and near the bottom click on MR blah blah Memory.  I am then presented with a confirmation screen for all of the camera's settings that will be saved.  Assuming I agree with those setting I select the memory location from the choices across the top (1, 2, 3, etc.). (Ignore the M1, M2, M3, M4 for now).  Then hit Enter and all of those camera settings are saved.
  • Now that I have setup (for me) Mode 1 for Landscape, every time I want to shoot a Landscape/tripod shot, I simply switch the Mode dial to 1.  I can trust that all the settings are the way I want - this includes being in Manual mode.  I can of course alter them while shooting.  For example I can change the aperture.  BUT, the changes I make while shooting in Mode 1 do not change what is saved for Mode 1.  Should I leave Mode 1 and them come back, all of the settings will be back to what I saved for Mode 1.  So I am always at the same starting point.  If I want to change a saved setting in Mode 1, I must save it again.  (This is actually quite easy.  Go to Mode 1 which resets everything to what was most recently save in Mode 1, then change the setting you want to "semi-permanently" save, then go to the Menu Camera1 operation that you did to originally save those settings and do it again.  All of your settings will be saved again but because you only changed one setting only that one will look different when you go back to Mode 1.)
  • Also note that if you are in Mode A for example and you go to Mode 1.  When you return to Mode A the camera's settings will be put back to the way they were when you were previously in Mode A.  In other words, once you leave Mode 1 your camera settings are returned to what they were before you entered Mode 1.

It can seem complicated but once you get it set up it is awesome.  

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Thank you so much darhiggins for yor reply and time...

I succeed to save the setting by memory feature.

But couldn't adjust : Shooting Mode (A, S, P), f value (for example 11 for landscape), a spesific shutter speed (for action or sports for example) and Steady Shot...


Watched some of Mar Galer's videos... Very helpful hints there. But he explains as he already knows everything. Not enough simple as fool-proofs :)


For example, when I adjust the settings for memory recalls, I still don't know if I need to make adjustments at desired memory recall button (1-2-3) or is it ok if I do them at M or A or S or P and then save by Memory feature. This is not explained anywhere on Mark Galer or Camera manual or other videos and tips pages....


For people who are gurus it is a simple thing, for others it is a difficult thing to find out ... 


What a pity manuals are like encyclopedias... 




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It is complicated.  Sony is more complex than Canon (which I used for the past 20 years before recently switching to Sony.). Let me see if I can help.

It appears that you are attempting to change the Shooting Mode, f-value or shutter speed while you are in Mode 1, 2 or 3 and thinking that this will remain.  That is just a guess on my part.  But I want to be clear, none of the changes you make to setting while in Mode 1, 2 or 3 will persist after you leave Mode 1, 2 or 3.  That is not how you establish the "remembered" settings.  I'll explain again how you establish the "remembered" setting values for Mode 1, 2 and 3 in a bit.  But first let me make sure you understand what is going on when you are using these modes with an example.

I use Mode 1 to setup my camera for Landscape.  I have saved all of the setting values I want - INCLUDING shooting mode, f-stop, etc. in the Mode 1 memory.  When I switch to Mode 1 all of those setting values are made to match what I had previously set using the Menu system as I explained before.  THEN, while shooting I will often change the f-stop, sometimes the shooting mode, sometimes the ISO and sometimes I might switch to crop mode.  These changes can be made with the appropriate dials or buttons or using the Fn menu.  BUT, none of those changes I make while shooting are "remembered" or "saved" for Mode 1.  If I want to save the current state of the camera for when using Mode 1, I need to again go to the Menu system and once again save the current settings for Mode 1.  

So once again, the ONLY way for the camera to remember the values of settings - including shooting mode, (and fstop and aperture and so on) is to have the camera in that mode, fstop and aperture or whatever other settings you want to be set before saving all the camera values to Mode 1 using the Menu system.  

See if that helps.

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Memory settings and understanding it is clear.

I already set 1 for Landscape, 2 for portraits and people, 3 for actionand sports...

I still don't know how to adjust/add shooting mode - shutter speed  - aperture -  steady shoot. I tried to find where to add them... I couldn't find...


It is not about how to change the values / settings during shooting... It is about I can't fib those sttings at  the beginning to set/store all values which I want !




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On 3/7/2019 at 5:32 PM, samy said:


I assigned all nacessary adjustment on camera mode dial C1-2-3 on my A7R3 except silent shooting at C2.

I switch the dial to C2 and put the silent shooting mode ON. It takes picture at silent shooting until I change the dial to another mode and when I am back to C2 silent shooting mode is OFF. Same when I switch the camera OFF and when it is back ON, silent shooting mode is not ON any more at C2 mode !

What am I missing?

I think adjusting the silent shooting mode ON is not enough to keep it SAVED forever. May be I need to SAVE it somehow and I can't do it.


Very simple, Sammy.

-Turn MODE dial to register 2 (you call it c2).  Please stay there until you have completed my last listed step.

-Hit MENU twice (while still in register 2).

-Navigate to and turn Silent Shooting ON

As you know, your change is temporary, so far.  To SAVE do thus (while still in register 2):

-Go to very first 'camera' icon on top row - I'll call it CameraSettings1

-Go to page 3 and hit Memory option (NOT RECALL!)

-Choose 2 and hit center button of rear dial (same effect as ENTER)

You have now saved your change 'permanently'.  That is, you permanently EDITED memory register 2

Side Notes: 

-RECALL function is primarily used to retrieve from SD card.

-User Manuals cannot anticipate ALL situations.  Hence need for helpful User Groups such as this one😉

-Can also back up your 1-3 settings to M1-M3 on SD card (until card is re-formatted!)

Holler if you have questions.


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Here is what works for me:

Set the camera up the way you want it

Go to Memory

Choose 1, 2, or (3) to assign the setup to the memory niche

Press wheel button to save you will get a "registered" response.  That is it.

Now let's say you want to change the shutter speed.  Go to MR #1 

Now change shutter speed

Now register the new settings by going to memory from the menu and register the settings a second time.  If you don't do that the camera will revert back to the original assigned settings.

In other words, if you want to save an adjustment, you have to re register them in memory.

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Hi chaps - just opened the box on my new A7R111. I've watched a number of  Mark Gaylor's videos and had a good play with the menus and I'm getting there

fairly simple question ref this topic - If I set up a load of particular menu settings, then save these to say the 1 setting on the top dial, and then go back to the menus and undo a lot of those settings, when I turn to 1 on the dial the camera will overide the current menu settings and go to all of the saved ones, even ones that don't come up as part of the information you get in the monitor

i.e. if I set silent shooting as part of the menu settings and do the save to 1, then go back into the menu and turn silent shooting to off, when I turn the dial to 1, this will turn silent shooting on.

I think this is right but if one of the experts could confirm this (a simple Yes will do!) I'd be grateful


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Is there a list of A7 III menu settings that can be registered using C1/C2 and M1-M4 memory?

I found that "Auto Focus with Shutter" doesn't register, it's set globally (jeez!). So it would be nice to see a table of what's registerable and what isn't.


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    • Welcome to the forum & to the Sony club ☺️
    • Thanks for your prompt reply. In other words, in the very bright conditions I was experimenting with and when using AUTO ISO,  Aperture Priority and, say, a 40 mm focal length I should expect to see ISO 100 in the LCD until the shutter speed becomes too slow to be compensated for by the SSS.  This would of course apply to handheld.  However, I was using a tripod with the SSS disabled for all images regardless of F stop.  That said, I suppose  the ISO value shown on the LCD was not the actual value set by the AUTO feature when the aperture was opened up to F 5  and the shutter speed was 1/1250, even though the LCD still read ISO 100. I have a second A100 and will repeat the experiment. If the information on the LCD regarding ISO remains the same under similar conditions, then it must be a design feature. 
    • Just wondering why things are more blurry with the upper part of this photo while the lower part is sharp. I'm shooting with an A7RIV, 24-70GM. The settings are 24MM 1/1250SEC, at F/7.1, ISO 3200. I thought it may be dirty lens or fog on the lens but it didn't appear so. I cleaned my lens a few times and at a separate time under other conditions, I shot other photos with the same results. Not every photo is like this so it seems like a focus setting perhaps. This photo has center focus settings while I've also had this problem with wide focus as well. Anyone have any thoughts on what might be the culprit and what a good solution is?
    • The owner's manual mentions this: When ISO is set to (Auto), the ISO sensitivity is automatically adjusted between ISO 100 and ISO 800, however if the Mode Dial is set to M, it is fixed at ISO 100.   My opinion about this: With bright subjects, Auto ISO will probably remain at 100 until shutter speed decreases to the point that Super Steady Shot can not handle it. So any shutter speed that is faster than 1/focal length is likely to remain at ISO 100 until that 1/focal length becomes difficult to handle by SSS to allow a shutter speed that is capable of providing reasonably sharp pictures.  
    • Hello,    I have 6 (well,  I have 9 in total) Sony A5000s on a rail and they are all linked together with a special box called an ESPR trigger box.  They should all fire off all together but totally randomly,  one or two can be a fraction of a second late.  The makers of the trigger box say that it is a problem with the cameras or the lenses.   I have reset the cameras several times (ie,  have no autofocus,  auto white balance,  etc).  I am using the stock 16-50mm lens. has anyone got any idea to why there is a shutter lag sometimes? any suggestions,  gratefully received.
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