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Sony Cashback frustration

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Sony Cashback

I submitted my cashback claim at the beginning of Feb with the sales receipt and a photo of the serial number as required.

I received an email back on 2 Feb confirming the receipt of the cashback application.

I have checked numerous times and each time the status shows they are awaiting validation and yet again in the last few days so I submitted a customer service request for an update, response from Sony:


With reference to your cashback participation for the Sony SEL55F18Z Lens, we would like to confirm that the cashback for your claim is being validated by our cashback team regarding the reference number of xxxxxxxxxxxx and claim ID of xxxxxx.

Please click the below link to check your claim status:


Unfortunately, there is no specific time frame on when the claim will be validated, however, once validated, you may allow up to 28 days after the validation and your cashback will be transferred to your bank account from Link Network or World Pay, as you will be confirmed by email if accepted or if any other information is required.


29 days to validate the application seems crazy when evidence of a purchase from a Sony approved dealer is submitted and now to be told it could take a further 28 days following validation is ridiculous and unfair to customers - why can't they be like Nikon(and I suspect others) who respond in a far more timely manner.

As good as Sony products are, their customer service related to cashback handling is abysmal.


Very poor show Sony!

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In the US there's a common type of promotion called a "mail-in rebate". (It was already common when I came to the US in 95.) The "rebates" would often be really deep discounts.

And they are usually something very close to a scam.

There are a multitude of potential gotchas deliberately built into the application process. And even if you get everything exactly right they often deny the rebate anyway. Presumably enough people give up, or don't pursue a complaint hard enough, or you can't prove them wrong, or something. One way or another the vendor or its agent processing the rebates gets away with not paying the rebate and you don't get to return the product because you run out of time waiting for the rebate, you cut up the packaging to get a barcode for the application, or something else.

Last time I fell for it, many years ago, I swore off all mail-in rebates for life.

It would be sad if Sony is operating this type of promotion.

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I am sure this is not a scam but just Sony dragging their heels in order to delay payments and not lose interest on funds.

This does nothing for their credibility and people will ignore it in future if they do fail to honour it.

I will give them a little longer then contact Mr. Shigeru Kumekawa the new head of Sony Europe.

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