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Sony alpha 3rd party lenses

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I am a new Sony user. I decided to get the A7ii since I am a beginner. It was on sale for a good price. I have winced learned that Sony glass is expensive. What are good 3rd party lenes. I know sigma as a brand. I am not familiar with ronikon or other brands. Are any of them worth buying?

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My experience with Sigma has been very positive.  I would suggest you determine a list of focal length primes or zooms you wish to consider, then do some searching for reviews and opinions for individual lenses.  There are many superb non Sony lenses available.  Once you have arrived at a want list, then I personally would buy used on Ebay (where you can get a full refund, even if the seller won't accept returns)

Remember that many of the non native  lenses will be manual focus, that auto focus with non sony lenses can be problematic...so you have to do some research.

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Sigma lenses are great for image quality and sharpness but the only downside is that Autofocus isn't reliable, especially for video. I've had the 35mm and the 50mm using the MC-11 adapter on my a7ii and it will hunt quite a bit sometimes. If you're willing to use Manual Focus most of the time I'd say go for it. Keep in mind I always kept my lens, camera and adapter updated with the latest firmware.

Samyang and Rokinon are pretty much the same company with different names. They have the manufacturers so there would be no difference in choosing one brand over the other.

I have the Rokinon 50mm  F1.4 and the AutoFocus is barely usable especially in AF-C. My lens isn't update so that maybe the reason. I wouldn't buy it unless it's updated or if you are planning to get the Lens Station for future updates.The colors on the Rokinon were a little weird to me too. The photos come out slightly more yellowish/orange and sometimes acts up even with a color checker passport.

All in all, if you're interested in third party lenses, I'd look at Sigma because image quality, detail, distortion, and colors are far better than Rokinon and Samyang.


Hope this helps!



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