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Voigtlander 50/1.5 Nokton M Aspherical - Let’s share our photos..!

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^  Thank you!


I absolutely love it.  50mm is my favorite focal length as well.  The build quality is very good.  It feels solid, similar to Zeiss.  The focus ring could have been designed better, but that's my only gripe.   


I also have the Nokton 35 1.2 II - another gem.  Together, they are my favorites on Sony A7R.

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As you can see in the last two images, there is some barrel distortion, but it is not a significant issue. The portraits taken with this lens also look quite nice and I'll upload some after I make some friends that allow me to take pictures of them.

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^ good photos.  Looking forward to more.


I agree with everything you said about the lens.  I find it a joy to use.


BTW, I ended up buying an inexpensive knock-off Chinese version of a close-focus adapter on eBay.  Paid $40 for it.  I didn't want to pay two-three hundred dollars for for something I only use sporadically.  I'll find out how good it works when I get it.

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Voigtlander 50mm f/1.5 Nokton Aspherical is a great lens. I got one as a wild experiment. First reaction: best build quality I've seen in any lens ever. And the image quality is superb, as seen above. I use it for available light portraits on APS-C cameras. 


Here's a tip: Made in two versions, M for Leica mount, SC for Nikon rangefinder, same glass. I have the Nikon SC version.


Here's the Nikon version (different focus ring). Min focus distance with standard adapter is 0.9m.



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