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Advanced remote App?

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Are there any Apps that can be used for hdr series with longer exp time than the max 30 sec. in the camera?

I have the A7III and like to take night photos, but the limit at 30 sec. exp. time force me to use higher ISO and nearly wide open blenders and that gives not very good image quality at the final result. So if there are any in this forum who can help me, I would be very happy..

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,I have the Sony wireless remote for Alpha and Nex Cameras and if you use bulb mode it will open the shutter with first push and close shutter with next push.  That will allow you to keep the shutter open for a long time.  I purchased mine at Amazon for $27,  I think.  They do have cheaper non Sony ones that say they will work the same way.

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2 hours ago, LiveShots said:

Any remote with a BULB mode should work, there may also be some functionality in that regard with the new Imaging Edge mobile software that is coming in the next few weeks.

I already have a remote with a bulb function, but then I have to calculate the hdr steps myself and I want an automatic device or app to do that for me..

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HDR ( overlaying images ) is something to be done in post production and should not be considered shooting from the camera.

Phones promoting this old idea as new are not telling you this.

Overlaying ( HDR ) is basically the camera adjusting lighting, contrast, etc in order to make a sweeter looking image with unrealistic and hand-drawn detail.


If you want to HDR then you will have to do it manually by adjusting the


and any other setting including flash or etc.

Then post production it.

HDR ( just to be clear ) is an idea that is unrealistic by any means

Even Photoshop have hidden "HDR" modes for images ( from CS3 ??? I believe )

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