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A6500 blinking pixels - do I have a problem?

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When attaching a manual lens via an adapter to my A6500, I get a multitude of multi-coloured, blinking pixels on the lcd screen. These are also visible through the viewfinder.

When using a native Sony lens, this 'display' shows up briefly when the AF/MF button is pressed.

I have had the camera three weeks and never noticed this on my previous A6000 so I'm guessing this isn't the norm.

Anybody encountered this?


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Hi Liveshots

No, not focus peaking, but I can see why you might think that from my dumb description.

I first noticed this when I put the lens & adapter on - the lens cap was still on by the way, so no focusing going on. In fact, just turning the camera on with a body cap in place produces the same result.

See pretty poor video

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Interesting, for some reason the "display" looks like I have seen it before, but can't recall the circumstances.  But my A6500 doesn't do this.  What do you have the AF/MF button set to?  I would reassign something to it and see what happens...

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