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Help on A7ii Video AF

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I just recently bought an A7ii (switched from a dslr). I have set my focus mode on AF-C but I'm having trouble on figuring out how to change the AF Point/area while on video mode: it is always fixed on the center. What if my subject is on the left/right of the frame (which is 80% of the time).

I tried setting the Focus Area on "Flexible Spot" and the Focus point on either sides but it continues to focus just on the center ignoring my AF area settings. I tried pushing down the focus button (Shutter half press or back focus) which actually makes the camera to focus on my chosen focus point but it just locks on it like it's on AF-S and as soon as I release it, the camera returns on focusing on the center.

In other words I would simply like to fix my focus area (while on AF-C) on either the left or right of the frame.

Can anybody please help me.

Thank you!

P.S. I'ts my first Sony camera so please be patient with me ^_^

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What you want to do is called spot focus. Which is where you can move the location of the focus point.


Use center focus and then move to the location of object you want to focus on and hold the lock focus button ( the big black button on your camera or the buttons located on your lens body ( if it has ). Sometimes the camera disables the camera lock-focus button.

Another mode is focus tracking. Which tracks the moving object without you moving or locking the camera focus. However few lens support this feature.

AF continues is not meant for video and will not give you that Canon ( mufti-focus affect* ).

* Canon has a system where you could focus on two planes at the same time and give you a shot similar to focus infinity. JPEG mode only I believe.

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