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Which lens to take pictures in fashion/miss univers

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    • By DanD
      I cannot get digital zoom on my 55-210 lens mounted on a6000. Please help.
    • By Bk55
      I recently bought V860II-S flashpoint/godox flash for my a6000 and it work really well on camera. But I can't make it work off camera as a optical slave. Does a6000 pop up flash not capable of triggering off camera flash?
    • By foetusmachine
      I'm an underwater photographer and i'm wondering if I can set up exposure bracketing (in any of the 3 or 5 shot configurations) while I have an external flash connected?
      The bracketing works fine without the flash connected, but as soon as I turn it on/connect it, the bracketing stops working.
      Perhaps there's a particular set of setting that need to be configured to allow this to happen, or perhaps it's just not possible.
      Thanks in advance for any advice.
    • By yt1300
      Hi, I've been using a Sony a6000 for years and love it, but it has recently developed a very irritating problem. The shutter has become slow and hesitates when I try to take a picture, often resulting in a 1-2 second delay between me pressing the shutter and it actually taking the problem. Similarly, on bracket modes and continuous shooting, it no longer fires evenly and consistently. Instead, it will take pictures sporadically, often with long pauses between shots. I mostly shoot wildlife (which tends not to sit still), so this type malfunction is extremely difficult to work with.

      I am aware the some lenses or high ISO settings can cause shutter delays, but I am using the same lenses that I have always used as well as the same settings (I have three lenses, and it does this for all of them). So this seems to be an actual problem that the camera has developed (to the best of my knowledge I have not changed any settings, but if someone knows of a setting that would cause this, please let me know and I'll check).

      I have also tried several batteries and memory cards, and it does this for all of them.

      Additionally, I have tried setting the camera to back button focus, but this does not make a difference.

      Finally, my camera has also developed a glitch where, after taking a picture, it sometimes shows the photo for a brief fraction of a second, rather than the two seconds it is set to. This glitch is sporadic, trivial, and may have nothing to do with the more serious shutter problem, but I thought I'd mention it in case they are connected.
      Any help would be appreciated.


      PS I travel with my camera a lot and was traveling when I first noticed the problem, so it has been through quite a few airports, cramped cars, etc., but to the best of my knowledge it has not been dropped or otherwise physically abused.
    • By theMusicMan
      Hi All
      New Sony user so please excuse my ignorance here.
      Simple question, I can't seem to be able to connect my Mac running OSx 10.13 High Sierra to my Sony.  I am wanting to get some applications and check the firmware etc, but I simply cannot get the software wo recognise the Mac is connected.
      The camera says USB connected, but nothing registered on the Mac or any Sony apps.
      Any pointers please?