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Darren clay

claypole enters the room...

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hi all

new to the group, ive been a alpha user for few years now, but recently i swapped over to mirrorless A6000, 

i just dont seem to be getting the best out of it, recently i took few pics in my garden and ive noticed its not focusing on the spot i think i am, why doesn't the a6000 have a micro adjustment feature like the dslr cameras??

example below shows how the tree is in focus but not the finch, i used centre spot on the bird and its focused on tree? where am i going wrong??   i used kit lens 55/210mm   (1/250 sec. f/9 210 mm)

out of focus finch tree in focus (2).JPG

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I think on the a6000 there is a small flexible spot option for focusing, this focus point is smaller than the center spot. I think the center spot may be too large for the bird so it sees the tree and the bird.

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Use the small focus area, make sure you’re in continuous auto-focus, try that and see if it resolves the issue. Try photographing a small tin can on a fence post to try it out. The flexible spot has three options, S, M and L.


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