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focus mode squares on/off

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How do I turn on/off the focus mode square within a square on the evf?


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3 hours ago, Chrissie said:


Plainly advising him to RTFM, even I would have considered rude. So I explicitly linked the online, searchable user manual which you are probably thinking of.

Maybe I am rude when I state some people are too lazy and ask silly questions, but hé, apparently not everybody here reads or speaks English / American. (maybe they even don't understand rtfm ? )


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Thanks. I always feel that if you dont have something to add to a conversation you are better off just listening. I appreciate the recommendation to read the manual. I find in general the Sony menu system, specifically the focus menus and controls to be a bit overwhelming. Call me old school, I grew up in the photo chemical world and th0ought I love using my Alpha, I rely on help from other users for a lot in information. Again, I appreciate any response, but find the productive ones a bit easier to stomach.

Thanks very much


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