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Hi there!  I have a Sony a6300. I put it in continuous shooting mode and I would like to get that to work with a remote. But when I press the remote shutter button, it only takes one shot. (It works fine when using the camera shutter.) I tried three different remotes, but I get the same result. I'm afraid it's not possible, but maybe someone has an idea.



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My Pixel remote works (sort of)  It will fire up to five shots, sometimes less...doesn't seem to matter what fps is chosen.  But it does get more than one shutter activation with a single press.




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I have a Vello wireless shutterboss II. This comes in two pieces, one connects to the camera using the USB port, the other is remote, which has a number of options. And thanks to your asking me for details, I just figured this out. I looked carefully at the remote's options and, if I use the bulb option, the camera _will_ shoot continuously until I press the button again. (It will slow down as it hits the buffer limit, but I would not need to go that far.) So thank you for making me think.

For the record, I also tried the Sony infrared remote RMT-DSLR2 and a Photo&Tech one. They both have shutter and 2 sec buttons. (The Sony has a lot more, but they seem to be for manipulating the display.) On both (and on the Vello in the single shot mode) pressing the shutter button will result in one shot regardless of the drive mode.


Thanks again.

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  • The longer the exposure time, the more noise will be visible on the image.
  • After shooting, noise reduction will be done for the same amount of time that the shutter was open. However, you cannot shoot any more while noise reduction is in progress.
  • You cannot set the shutter speed to [BULB] in the following situations:
    • [Smile Shutter]
    • [Auto HDR]
    • [Picture Effect] is set to [HDR Painting] or [Rich-tone Mono.].
    • [Multi Frame NR]
    • When [Drive Mode] is set to the following:
      • [Cont. Shooting]
      • [Self-timer(Cont)]
      • [Cont. Bracket]
    • [cE08C.pngSilent Shooting]
    If you use the above functions when the shutter speed is set to [BULB], the shutter speed is temporarily set to 30 seconds.

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I thought it would be that.

Tinplater, he’s setting bulb on the remote and continuous on the camera.

The bulb setting on the remote is like holding down the shutter button on the camera. Once pressed it will continue taking pictures until the remote button is pressed again.

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