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"Camera Error. Turn power off then on". My A6000

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I got that message and I did what it said to do but it didn't work. I removed the battery then put it back in, turned it on again and same message popped up. I Googled the message and it will cost about $350 or more to get it fixed but I could not find out what caused the problem. That is only slightly less than buying a new 6000.

What caused this problem in the first place?

Jerry Kelley

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I have the Sony a6000, purchased in July 2020. The annoying error message suddenly appeared on the screen immediately after I took a shot and although I turned the camera off, the message remained until I removed the battery.

I activated the shutter a couple of more times and the message reappeared. I contacted the seller, a well known high street store and was advised to contact Sony. Sony requested I send the camera to their service department. 

The service department have confirmed that the problem is the shutter mechanism being faulty and they are going to fit a replacement. 

My concern is that I've seen numerous comments mentioning the same issue and I'm wondering if anyone has had the shutter mechanism replaced by Sony and had this problem reoccur ? If this is the case, surely this is a design fault? Sony stated the part they fit will have a 90 day warranty period but then what happens if this does reoccur after the warranty period? I have asked Sony the question and awaiting a response and whilst it is a decent camera, I may be tempted to look elsewhere if there's a likelihood of a repeat problem. 

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My A6300 got this error after more than 2 years of usage. I've payed 190 euro in order to change the shutter mechanism and also the "charging unit" according with the repair inform. Just one month after the repair and approximately  500 stills after the camera gives me the exact same problem.... (btw the error appeared the very next day after using) Tomorrow Ill call the service because the repair has 3 months warranty...


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