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Sling bag for A7III plus lenses

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Good day,

As I can not physically check any of the bags for not having a proper photo shop in my area I would like to ask your opinions about my choice of camera sling bags I am looking at buying at the moment.

I used Sony A7III with 24-105 plus occasional prime (either 28mm or 55m), or the camera with primes exclusively: 85mm, 55mm and 28mm with 21mm UWA converter.

I narrowed my choice to three bags, and they are:

-ThinkTank Turnstyle 10 v1 (for its ability to be used as the waist pack which is quite important for me)

- Peak Design Everyday Sling 5L

- Manfrotto Street Camera Sling/Waist Pack (the least expensive of the lot and seems the most spacious as well).

I would be grateful for your recommendations on the best choice to snugly fit my setup for regular travel/street/hiking use.

Being able to attach the tripod and carry a small water bottle would be a bonus.

The whole idea about this bag is it should fit 'flat' into my travel carry-on luggage tightly taking least space possible.

Thank you very much,


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    • By Messier77
      I'm looking for a good camera bag (shoulder bag only) that can carry the following:
      1. Sony A7R II with Battery Grip and Sony 24/70 f2.8GM mounted.
      2. Additional Sony/Zeiss 16-35mm f4 Lens
      3. Two Extra Sony Batteries
      4. Watson Dual Battery Charger
      5. Extra SDXC Memory Card and Memory Card Reader
      6. Lenspen and Cleaning Spray/Cloth
      7.  Additional small items, such as user manual, filters, etc.
      In addition, it would be helpful to have a a pocket to store an iPad, but not a dealbreaker.
      I currently have the Lowepro Adventura 170, but it baaaarely fits the 16-35mm lens in the extra available space to the side of the camera, and it does not really fit the 24-70 in the side space if I decide to keep the 16-35mm mounted instead.  Surprisingly, it does fit the Camera with 24-70 mounted height-wise.  In other words, it is just not wide enough.
      I was thinking about getting the Think Tank Speed Racer, but not sure if that is possibly overkill.  I don't want something that will have tons of extra space and allow my gear to move around.
      Any other ideas that might fit my gear?
      Thanks for any help/ideas.
    • By HawgsFan
      Just got my a6000 yesterday along with a carbon fiber tripod, some filters, and extra batteries. My better half and I travel a lot and need a good travel bag that will handle these items plus will be able to accommodate another lens later on down the road. I really would like one that has a small footprint and is rain proof. Thanx in advance for any tips.
    • By adwb
      Found this a photo show, it's brilliant takes 4 batteries and 4-6 sd cards. easily  found in your bag  and not expensive .
    • By paddy
      Hi guys,
      was wondering if anyone would like to share what bag they are using for a7 system?
      Currently I have Think Tank 30 which fits nicely every singe lens I have, for longer travels. 
      I want to buy a smaller one that could fit a body with adapter and 2 Zeiss Contax lenses (85mm 1.4, 35mm 1.4).
      Thank you.
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