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Sling bag for A7III plus lenses

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Good day,

As I can not physically check any of the bags for not having a proper photo shop in my area I would like to ask your opinions about my choice of camera sling bags I am looking at buying at the moment.

I used Sony A7III with 24-105 plus occasional prime (either 28mm or 55m), or the camera with primes exclusively: 85mm, 55mm and 28mm with 21mm UWA converter.

I narrowed my choice to three bags, and they are:

-ThinkTank Turnstyle 10 v1 (for its ability to be used as the waist pack which is quite important for me)

- Peak Design Everyday Sling 5L

- Manfrotto Street Camera Sling/Waist Pack (the least expensive of the lot and seems the most spacious as well).

I would be grateful for your recommendations on the best choice to snugly fit my setup for regular travel/street/hiking use.

Being able to attach the tripod and carry a small water bottle would be a bonus.

The whole idea about this bag is it should fit 'flat' into my travel carry-on luggage tightly taking least space possible.

Thank you very much,


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