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New user with a Sony A7III looking for help on Flash

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My background is actually a Minolta camera user. Started with a Minolta SRT 101. Later upgraded to Minolta 700si with 5400HS Then MAXXUM 7 finally MAXXUM 7D & HVL-F56AM. Recently, I have purchased a Sony A7 MK3. I have bought a LAEA4 adapter to use my A mount lenses. I have 2 older flashes (5400 HS & HVL-F56AM) is there I way I can use these flashes? if so how?  I am seeking your help to invest further. 

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    • By Carlos07
      Hi all,
      I just received my new Sony a7 iii and I was so excited until I came across a problem I hope someone is able to help.
      I cannot seem to find the video settings for 120 frames on 1080p (I only have up to 100) and on 4k I can only choose 25 frames - no 60 frames is showing.
      From the YouTube videos I saw, everyone has a different list to choose compared to mine.
      I checked and I have the latest firmware available installed and my memory card (scandisk extreme pro) wouldn't be the problem.
      Has anyone came across this same issue or knows how to fix it?
      Thank you in advance.
    • By Phobiac
      Made the move from Canon to Sony by purchasing the a7 III.
      Unfortunately, the second time I turned on the camera I got an error that said "Camera Error. Turn Power of then on."  Turning the power off and then on results in the same error.
      If you quickly flip the power switch off and on, like less than half a second, then the camera powers normally.  I have seen some youtube fixes for this type of error, mentioning the the IBIS.  However, those don't seem to fix this error.
      Attached is link to a 0:11 movie clip show the power on process, the image glitches slightly, and then the "Camera Error. Turn Power of then on." 
      Anyone else with a A7 III experience this?  Any fixes?
      First impression was, man this camera focuses fast!  Second impression was that this sucks.  My Canon 5D mk II and mk IV never fail me.

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