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Sony Zeiss 55mm f1.8

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I have been contemplating a small fast prime for street work rather than using the 24-70,  after a lot of reading and watching reviews (I know some are biased/funded) I have opted for the Sony Zeiss 55mm f1.8 so that I can travel light and shoot wide open even in low light - it still has the £80 cash back on it as well!

I would appreciate any comments, feedback and images taken with this lens.

I understand it is not "weather sealed" but there seems to be mixed views on this. I will be using it on the A7iii I will be cautious about the elements.

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Original and cropped using a6000.Not my best photos but I wanted to show how much crop can be used and still get a sharp image.

I like this lens a lot, built quality and weight a both great.


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Ian, I've temporarily uploaded some sample pictures at full resolution and maximum jpeg quality, taken with this lens on my a9, onto my flickr account. I will delete those  after a week or so.

It's a great lens in absolute terms, and also great value for the money, too. Did you see it's rating on dxomark?

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