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Just switched from canon - struggling with focus settings

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so I’ve just made the switch from canon, and did my first sony a7riii wedding

 I’ve already set the camera to back button focus / eye track etc and all custom buttons, focus settings I am using are M spot. 

but I have found it difficult to quickly move focus onto something, what would you suggest is the best focus setting for weddings?

 with canon - I quickly pressed my custom button - chose out of 9 spot areas very fast whilst looking in the viewfinder and it focussed on where I wanted without missing a shot under pressure.

maybe I will get faster with more use but it seems i can only drag the focus across which doesn’t move as fast as canon which could select a section on the screen. 


Thanks for any help.  



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Use the touchscreen without looking through the viewfinder?

Coming from a DSLR I can imagine you'll feel pretty awkward not looking through the viewfinder but honestly to me it's part of what makes mirrorless so great. My eye is hardly ever in the spot where I want my camera to be. Letting go of the viewfinder gives you a world of creative possibilities!

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