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Headed to the Amazon with my new A6500. What else should I take?

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So, I just bought the A6500 and it is an amazing camera.  I am preparing to take it on an Amazon trip where I will be doing some hiking out in the jungles.  I am currently using it with some lenses from other brands.  I am looking for a native l all-in-one ens (another thread about that).  But what else should I take? I know extra batteries, tripod and stuff like that, but I am thinking about the more unusual stuff, like best carry about camera bag for that environment and stuff like that. 

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18-135 + 35/1.8 OSS for all around use. Throw in a Samyang 12/2 if you like UWA.  And a bag with a waterproof cover, just in case.  Which one depends on what type you prefer (shoulder/sling/backpack/etc.).  I like lower end/midrange Think Tank bags (<$100) for bang for the buck.  Great construction and features, and they have some mirrrorless specific bags that aren't huge like DSLR bags. 

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