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New A6500 owner needing lens advice.

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So I just bought a brand new A6500 and my wallet screamed and passed out.  LOL!  I have a few lenses from other brands that I can use with adapters, but I want a really good native all-in-one lens for this camera. This is my first time with a Sony ICL camera so I have no idea where to start and really would appreciate some advice.

Here are my criteria. My budget is $500

1 I want the best quality all-in-one zoom lens as far as sharpness.

2. I want the longest zoom possible "Without" sacrificing quality.  (I realize that a zoom lens is already sacrificing some quality).

3. I want the lens with the best low light performance (that I can get for under $500).

4. I want a lens that is the fastest and easiest to use with manual focusing but has good AF as well.

5. I want the best lens for STILL photography. If it is good for video, that is a bonus.

Thank for the help.

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7 hours ago, tinplater said:

All of your requirements can not be met within your budget.  However I think the absolute best choice for you is the Sony 18-135 which is one dollar under budget.  After you have that  lens, my next purchase recommendation would be to add  the Sigma 16mm 1.4

This was the exact lens I was looking at.  let me ask you this.  Removing the 500 limit, which lens do you think would fit the bill at best price?

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