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GPS Geotagging A7III / A7RIII

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Have the A7R3 and connecting it a lot via Bluetooth to my phone (Samsung Galaxy S8)
I have the GPS data written into my camera RAW files.
However I only seem to get Longitude and Latitude NO Altitude data.
I thought it was maybe the camera Firmware but I just installed FW version 2.1 on the A7RIII
Same issue.
Anyone actually get Altitude to show up?

What Am I doing wrong? I cleaned out my phone Bluetooth settings, there is no special setting in the camera I can find. Not sure if there are special GPS settings in my phone? But when I take pictures with the phone, Altitude is present.

I also pulled the Card from Slot 1 (I record jpeg and RAW on different slots) to just look at Jpeg files, same thing, only shows LAT / LONG
under image properties.

Thanks for any help

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I gave up on the builtin geotagging and instead run Geotag Photos Pro 2 on my phone. This records location (including altitude), saves the data online (Dropbox or at the app's site), and I merge the data to my pictures using a desktop app later. Works very well. Even ignoring the lack of altitude, I find that the camera often doesn't connect to the phone.

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