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32" 4k display suggestions?

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Will use it at most a few hours a week for amateur photography (I currently use Capture One) and for many hours a day for software dev, web, server admin (lots of shell terms), and office chores such as email.

I currently use two 1920x1200 24" panels but I think one high-res 32" would be an improvment.

To nicely display the images from my 7RM3 I figure 10-bit per channel and HDR might be interesting features. But Idk display tech well.

I'll use Win 10 and expect to buy a new GFX card for it, e.g. a Quadro P400.

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If you're located somewhere in the EU, you may want to try the following hardware comparison site:


You'll find some 70+ criteria to narrow down your search, along with an individual comparison option of the 3 to 5 "finalists", a selection of possible dealers with customer satisfaction history, user comments, test results etc..

Even if you're not from the EU, this might help you in the decision which one you'll want to go for. Where to get it from is of course still up to you.

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