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Survey "What Sony Alpha Do You Have?"

Your Sony Alpha Camera  

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  1. 1. What Sony Alpha Cameras do you use?

    • Sony Alpha 7 / 7R / 7S
    • Sony Alpha 6000 / 5000 / 5100
    • Sony Alpha 3000
    • Sony NEX 7 / NEX 6 / NEX 5T
    • Other Sony NEX
    • Sony Alpha SLT
    • Sony Alpha DSLR
    • No Sony Alpha until now

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Hi Pieter

If you regularly shoot at small apertures and you change lenses often, with a mirrorless camera you are going to attract dust and it is a big problem for most people doing it professionally, simple as.

The only cameras that I haven't had an issue with dust is the EOS R and the R5.

By your reasoning all SLR cameras should suffer as if there's dust in there already your going to get your sensor dirty all the time, but that mostly isn't the case. So keeping the sensor protected either by a mirror or by the shutter is without doubt beneficial.

With the A9 II and the new A1 introducing this feature, I guess Sony realises that it is a major issue for a lot of people.

I guess If you shooting wide open all the time, dust isn't going to be as much of an issue compared to shooting at f11+ most of the time where it is a problem. I guess you can do an LCC but this isn't practical for most people.

I would predict that in the next few years all new mirrorless cameras will come with this feature and everyone will be better off for it.

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I totally agree with you that sensors collecting dust is an issue. I'm just sceptical that using the shutter mechanism is the solution and it will likely cause problems of its own (accidentally broken/bent shutter blades).

I guess the reason DSLRs don't suffer as much from this issue is also due to to the fact that the sensor is covered by the mirror 99% of the time, dust is flung away from the sensor when the mirror flips up, and the sensor chamber is much bigger so there's much more surface area where dust can settle than just the sensor.

Let's hope you're right though and the dust problem in mirrorless cameras is indeed this easily fixed.

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Interesting that at least 25% of us are still using A-mount cameras (14.2% DSLT and 11.6% DSLR) - Considering the last A-mount cameras came out in 2016. But then again, 5 years is not really that long and there is So much quality glass available for A-mount.

I guess, if you are shooting things like landscape, macro or even portrait, the need for brilliant autofocus and fast burst rates is not important.

Certainly the idea of higher resolution on the A7Rii tempts me for landscapes and cropping down for distant wildlife, and the incredible autofocus in more recent cameras tempt me - but can I justify £1200+ for even a 2nd hand A7Rii, when I'm still enjoying my A99 and A68 which cost me less than that combined and give me 24Mp each?

Oh, and I still have my very light A100 with kit lens, that I can lend to my wife when she wants to take photos on holiday or trips.

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15 hours ago, thebeardedgroundsman said:

Interesting that at least 25% of us are still using A-mount cameras

You do realize this poll is 6.5 years old and was started when fullframe E-mount was still a novelty? It says nothing about camera usage today. What's more, to make it still relevant today the author shouldn't have used type numbers but more generalized categories like 'E-mount fullframe', 'E-mount APS-C', etc. I have an A6500 (already a last gen camera) and don't feel represented by the options. Anyone using an A9 or A1 won't fill in the poll either.

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I totally agree that it should be refreshed. Even if this thread is just to stimulate people to discuss the gear they're using, right now the poll and the options are just totally outdated. Mind you, I don't think A-mount is outdated in this poll as many people are still using it, but all the different NEX/A6000/A5000-options are, and should just be condensed into one 'E-mount APS-C' category.

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What do you mean exactly, that I should start my own poll? I don't feel like I'm in the position to do so, as admin started this poll and pinned it. Honestly, people are complaining this forum is not lively enough, but the admins aren't really making an effort to at least give the impression that the forum is living in the present. This outdated poll, but also the pinned A6400 announcement, show that it lacks active moderation.

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I had a Sony a65. I had problems with it, so I got an a77. I got an a5000 when they came out in order to test the E-mount, but I hated that it had no eyepiece, so  I got an a6000 when I got a good deal on it.

I picked up an a3000, and had it converted to IR.

Now I am thinking of a full frame.

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If would be interesting to see if people migrate to newer cameras, but that would be much more involved to find out -- basically a two-dimensional survey.

What I would find interesting is what lenses people use:

Primes, zooms, wide-angle, teles,

Current auto-focus, older auto-focus, manual Minolta, mostly Sony, other brands, just one lens, macros, etc.

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Brand-new, factory Security-seal, all-black (Limited Edition) SONY α7C  factory kit 28-60mm. Absolutely Luv it!  Awesome aesthetic and I know the tech to match.  If you are considering one, go for it!  The fit and finish of their products is starting to make Leica get a bit worried I dare say!

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