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Survey "What Sony Alpha Do You Have?"

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  1. 1. What Sony Alpha Cameras do you use?

    • Sony Alpha 7 / 7R / 7S
    • Sony Alpha 6000 / 5000 / 5100
    • Sony Alpha 3000
    • Sony NEX 7 / NEX 6 / NEX 5T
    • Other Sony NEX
    • Sony Alpha SLT
    • Sony Alpha DSLR
    • No Sony Alpha until now

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Started with Olympus OM10 then OM1n a 'lifetime' ago.... Then mainly Canon ending up with 2 Canon 70Ds (aps-c) one right after the other (pretty much wore out the first one...)

Then became transfixed on how neat, compact and 'quality' the Sony a6000 is and 'jumped ship' selling all my Canon gear. Initially less impressed by EVF quality on the a6000 and then unhappy about perceived image quality (as I seemed to have to do a lot of edits in Lightroom on every image) - most likely it was the kit lens. Then traded the a6000 for an a6300 (on trial) which lasted a short number of days before I went for the a6500 which I find fantastic! But I would just love to try an a7ii.... (the devil's on my shoulder...)

I still 'grouch' about the limited offering of quality e-mount zoom (or prime) e-mount lenses at the 200mm+ end.

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Hi, I have a Sony A900 and, more recently an A7R. I originally purchased the A900 soon after it was launched, as being the only affordable 24Mp full frame camera. Principally I use the 16-35 and 24

Started with this ( my father's ) Yes, separate meter and the little box besides it is a rangefinder ( to measure subject distance ) Then after a summer job, i was able to afford this in 1973 Jus

My first camera was a Canon copy of the Leica 2 and was purchased by my father after WWII in Japan.  I don't know what became of it, but my first exciting experience using it was on a middle school fi

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I have a Sony A7R II (and also a Nex 6). I used Canon for many years, culminating in a Canon 5D II, but I found them very heavy to carry as I got older, especially with the L glass lenses attached. So I tried the Nex 6 and then the A7. They were lighter and produced good pics. When the A7R II was released, I thought the in body image stabilisation would help with my shaky hands (I am 74 years old now).

So now I use the A7R Mk II and find it light and easy to handle, I mostly use prime lenses. My favourite lens is my Zeiss Batis 25mm, but I also have the Sony Zeiss 35mm F/2.8 and several old Minolta primes.

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A7RII Why?

I wanted to take photography seriously so I had a choice between

Nikon D5 / Cannon 5D MKIII ( I swore never to go to Cannon ) / and SONY A7RII.
Out of all the reviews it seems that SONY A7RII even challenges the Medium Frame.. It was far better then the Cannon, less expensive then the Nikon and also featured low-light abilities.

However looking back at the decision after seeing the Release support on the A99 series makes me think I should have purchased that instead. However I have hit this camera all over the place with no damage ( so far ). I have taken it out into rain ( not direct rain but still wet ) and into hot weather and it still functions.

The support for play memories gives it more innovations outside the cameras official firmware.

I love the feel and I love how it is purposely setup for my hands.Of all the crappy store cameras you see in any mall only the Nikon has the nearest feeling. The consumer line of A6000/A6500 is not my cup of tea and the lack of operations on most of these cameras are useless in comparison with the many options the A7RII.

Again I still have to deal with setting up pre-made settings and dealing with manual flash speeds to get the most fastest flash. The official flash seems to be in Lo speed and makes me look bad in front of Nikon users.

If I could get 1/2000 or even 1/8000 speed from portable strobes it would make the experience all the better. Again in ( Hi ) shutter mode and not ( Lo ).

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On 3/14/2020 at 12:50 PM, Albert Abdul-Barr Wang said:

I use a Sony A100 mostly but also have a a6500 and a7rii around as well. Those new cameras are nice but battery life isn't great.

yeah that was the struggle for me, went full frame recently with two a7iii but still had a6400 a6300 a6000 which have those smaller batteries, sold them & got the a6600 now all my cameras have Z battery = its very convenient 

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I previously was a Canon film user since age 15. Switched to Leica Film in my Late 30s.At age 50 Bought a Nex 7 at when it came out to Use my Leica lenses on a digital body. Got hooked on Sony. Have owned an A7 as well as an A7rii. Currently shoot with an A7riv and 6 different Sony Lenses. Great stuff. Sold all of my Leica gear.

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Coming from Canon DSLR, Sony Alpha was the best choice for me jumping to the mirrorless system, took me a while to be convinced, but after seeing what Sony's are capable off,  did not hesitate to get my A73 & A6600, haven't tested the full potentials of both bodies due to the lockdown, but looking forward as soon as the situation gets a bit better.

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I was previously a Nikon film SLR user.  I switched to Sony stuff around 2006 or 2007 with the purchase of the A300 for work documentation purposes.  I broke that camera and went to the A58 for that purpose.  The work camera often got handled roughly at times.  For hobbyist stuff I got a A65 when it was first released and have since gotten both the A77 and A77ii.

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Summer of 2020, I was counseled by a friend to hold off on the new Canon R6-- Sony was releasing a new video-oriented Alpha- which still looked like a DLSR! 

My first Alpha was the SLT-A57, an APS-C kit which I rescued from the fire of 2015-- leaving my A1U CMOS camera to drown in fire water. I used the Alpha to document the fire which drove me and 35 neighboring residents out of our condos. I donated the edited result to the fire department- they loved it. I still use the A57 now and then.

But when the A7Siii released I pounced, and added a big ole Sigma art lens. Three months later, it's completely tricked out with Sony parts, Smallrig cage and extras, plus Cavate, FilmCity, and Tllta gizmos. It's a United Nations camera system with parts from India, China, Japan, Taiwan...who knows where else? Maybe even US? And I can still lift it for verite shoots. It's a dream come true. Except.. where's the on switch agai- oh, there it is!

Hope to learn nuances, hints, and tips about it right here, with focus on internal and Ninja V high end codecs and workflows.

Best, as always,


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My digital photography progression started with a Cybershot, Then an "end-of-line"  A100 dslr.

More recently moved up to a used A68 csc SLT and now also have a used A 99 full frame SLT.

By looking for "end -of- line" or used equipment I've managed to get really nice kit for affordable money.

My lenses now include Tamron 15-30mm f/2.8, Sony/Zeiss 24-70mm f/2.8, Sigma 50mm f/1.4 "Art' - all great lenses with a high reputation for a reasonable price.

Again, by buying used, my grand daughters have an A 200 and an A 700, each of which cost us about £100 with kit lenses. So we can go out and create photos together (mind you, I have to watch they don't hog my telephoto lenses!)

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    • Hi there. I have a similar issue with my ZV1, I think? It's annoying - to the point where I'm wondering if I a have a fault with my device and am considering returning it under warrantee. I use it to film yoga instructional videos. They are sometimes 90 minutes long. I know that inorder to run for this length of time, the camera needs to be plugged into the mains. So I plug the camera into the mains and double check that the mains charge is showing - the battery icon confirms this : it has a little plug symbol beside it. So - I should be good to go. However.  The camera still turns off after an hour or so, saying the battery is flat. Interrupting the filming. Which ruins the whole video. At that point, if I go back to the camera now its battery is flat and pull out the charging cable from the mains and put it back in again, I can continue recording for 90 minutes plus as required. My issue is: the Sony ZV1 is not using the mains while the battery is charged. It continues to run on battery power. Then switches itself off (infuriatingly). And then - only at that point when I plug it in again and turn it on again does it start using the mains as it's power source. I'm 99% sure this is what is taking place but still on a learning curve are trying many workarounds this problem... not of which have been successful yet. I'd really appreciate some help with this. The next thing I'm going to check is deliberately flattening the battery before I start filming. But this seems a clumsy workaround. Otherwise - absolutely loving this camera! A huge improvement on my old camera. But only if I can RELY on it! Best wishes Frances  
    • From direct comparison on an American site and from what I can tell from reviews, it looks like the Tamron F2.8 SP Di USD will be my choice over the Sony. The optics appear to be very similar, but the Tamron's USD focussing appears to be quieter and as quick (although not as accurate in low light). So the main factors for me are: Apparently the Sony was optimised for cropped sensor, although advertised for use with full frame as well.  Weather sealing (Yes on the Tamron, no on the Sony) and the colour of the body is more discreet - and, of course, it's £100 cheaper. If the Sony SSM II was in my budget, that would be a different story. Anyway, when I've taken the plunge I'll let you know if I'm happy with the choice!
    • Just an update to this, I have updated to firmware 1.02, but I get still get the 2nd base ISO at 10000. It seems that I have the only A7Siii in the world that does this😬😬
    • I got a new Sony RX 100VII but I will keep the 100II. I have been looking into the specifications of both chargers but didn't come to a conclusion. Since teh batteries and the same, can I use the charger of the most recent camera to charge the old one ? Thank you !  
    • I have this problem as well. Glad to see I'm not the only one but it appears like this is a common issue. Sorry to respond 4 years later but I'm hoping to resurrect this now to see if there's been a solution since 4 years ago!
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