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Sony A6500 external microphone wont work

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Hi, I just got my Sony A6500, When I record video the internal microphone works good. When I plug an external mic to the jack, I get no sound. I have tried two different microphones. What am I missing?

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38 minutes ago, BWG1970 said:

Seems to be a Sony mic jack problem.

I would call this a premature conclusion.

There's a whole variety of different microphone types for different uses around. Unfortunately neither did you specify which microphone(s) you have tried, nor could I find any specification in the technical data ("audio" section) of your camera which type of microphone your camera requires.

Note however, that Sony does offer several microphone adapters to connect external microphones to your camera, which are "sold seperately".:


Built-in stereo microphone or XLR-K2M/XLR-K1M/ECM-XYST1M(sold separately)

Just because a plug is mechanically compatible, i.e. 3.5mm minijack, doesn't guarantee that plug and socket are electronically compatible as well. For instance, 3.5mm jacks come in varieties of 2, 3, 4 or even 5 contact surfaces.  See this for more details.

51 minutes ago, BWG1970 said:

I should have checked this as soon as I got my camera. 

How true. Maybe you can still go back to your dealer and ask for advice.

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I rarely shoot video but did encounter some problems with recording.  In terms of original post, make certain your microphone plug has TWO stripes, not three (I use the little Sony hot shoe microphone and a Rode).  I couldn't see the audio display while shooting...discovered I had precluded it with my lcd disply options.  You have to be in movie mode to adjust audio.  I suspect the best solution may be to take your microphones and camera into a shop and let them try and sort out whether it is a camera, microphone, or user problem.  In my experience it is usually the latter!

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