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A7Rii 4k 60fps mode?

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10 hours ago, samneitzel said:

Is there a possible firmware update that will allow this?

The short answer is: No, not now, and there never will be.  It's a hardware limitation of the camera, which can't be overcome by software/firmware. You are asking for something which even the A9 can't deliver.

Basically the intended resolution (i.e. 4K) times the frame rate (i.e. 30fps) yields a data rate. And there is a maximum data rate at which the camera can output a data stream. For both A7R2 and A9 this is 100MB/s. If you prefer a higher frame rate, you will have to reduce the resolution of the video. There are many video modes on the A7R2 which allow higher frame rates, just not @4K. See this, for more detail. Sections "Recording (movie)", headings " Image Size (pixels), NTSC* " and " Image Size (pixels), PAL", respectively.

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