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Cannot find new images

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Hi all, please help me this case:

- A copied image throught USB cab, after- I delete file on my card throught my Laptop, i see sd card is empty

- I travelled and take new pictures, i can take photos but no play back to view it, i thinked it just find

- But when i go home, i see all my old images :((((, and cannot find new image,

- I Tried using some tool to recovery but i just can finded some picture in DCIM but thay are cannot read

- How can i take new image ???

Please helps me.

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Don't delete files using your PC. If you want to clear out the card then reformat it.

You don't specify what camera you have.

In the Playback menu you can select which folder to view, either the files are in a different folder or they were not recorded due to deleting files on your PC.

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