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Zeiss 12mm f/2.8 vs Zeiss 18mm f/2.8

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I don't know which body you have, but on a7 cameras you can switch to apsc mode.  But I think you are making a wrong assumption: 12mm full frame is 18mm on apsc, you are thinking it is the other way around?  A 12mm apsc ( normally the mm are stated for full frame) is only equivalent to 8mm on full frame.  And you will have black corners. 

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Err how does your math work? 12mm focal length is 12mm focal length, no matter what sensor you use. If you put a 12mm APS-C lens on a fullframe sensor it will still be 12mm, just with black corners because the sensor is bigger than what the lens is designed for.

On the other hand, if you put a 12mm lens (be it the 12mm APS-C lens by Zeiss or the 12mm fullframe lens by Voigtländer) on an APS-C body (or fullframe body in crop mode) the field of view will be identical to an 18mm lens on a fullframe sensor. Thus photome09's question is valid, but nonetheless a bit silly as it foregoes on the very reason to get a fullframe camera in the first place, which is better image quality due to a larger sensor (and possibly some better DoF-control). Now he intends to crop out all that fullframe goodness just to save a few $$. Might as well sell the fullframe camera and buy an A6000. The resulting picture will be better than with your fullframe camera in crop mode and you save even more $$.

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