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Would a SIGMA 150-500MM 1:5-6.3 APO OPTICAL STABILZER fit a Sony Alpha a68?


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I'm looking to buy a 500mm lense for wildlife photography, so I was wondering if a SIGMA 150-500MM 1:5-6.3 APO OPTICAL STABILZER would fit my a68? There isn't alot of information online on this and trying to find a store with Sony equipment is hard. 


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This lens is available for Sony A mount and so it would fit your a68.

As the a68 is cropped sensor all the a mount lenses will fit (Full frame cameras need to watch out as some A mount lenses will    have heavy vignetting where the edge of the lens shows in the photo - however, this is mainly in wide angle lenses, I've yet to find it in a telephoto lens.

Here's a link to a review of the lens from a good camera shop in Britain, who I have found very good for used equipment.



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Super-wide, full-frame lenses will only have "heavy vignetting" -- AKA, light fall-off -- if they are not retro-focus lenses.  All of these require a mirror lock-up to use -- such as Minolta's first two 21mm lenses. 

Those that have a retro-focus design -- like Minolta's later 21mm and 20mm lenses -- largely avoid light fall-off, and it is typically eliminated by stopping down a couple of f-stops.

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