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a6300 Video Setup: How to switch from 'Program Auto' to 'Manual Exposure' in Mem. Recall?


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Amateur photographer here, and even more of a novice at videography. I recently was using a youtube tutorial to set up my camera to start playing around with filmmaking on my Sony a6300 (Cody Blue: How to SETUP your Sony camera for FILMMAKING | Full Menu Walkthrough) and even after replicating the steps in the video, my camera is still set to Program Auto when I want Manual Exposure (I can not control the shutter speed without effecting the aperture and vice versa). Could someone help me get it so I can manually set these things when I shoot video? I have my current settings saved to Mem Recall 1. Can provide pictures/more information if needed, really appreciate the help everyone!

(I cant seem to upload photos smaller than max file size, but have a 'P' in my upper left corner, looking to make that an M, and adjust the shutter-speed/aperture/exposure all individually)


Thank you very much everyone, looking forward to being a part of this community!



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  • catchcosmos changed the title to a6300 Video Setup: How to switch from 'Program Auto' to 'Manual Exposure' in Mem. Recall?

Note: Maybe this is the problem, I do not have a UHS - I U3 memory card? even in regular video mode when I switch from HFR Shutter Priority (which was my only brush with video thus far; shooting some slow-mo) to programmed auto, when I try to record it states "Cannot record in this recording setting. Either switch to a UHS-I U3 compatible memory card or change record setting". Will be going to store today to attempt to buy one and see if that fixes the problem.


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