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Sony E. mount adapter for Jupiter-9 contax and other soviet lens?


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Hello. I remembered that I had film photography equipment inherited from grandfather who was photographer many lens and other photography/filming equipment. Among them most interesting was Jupiter-9 f/2.0 contax type mount lens which I want to use with Sony A3000 camera.

Are there adapters to attach lens to Sony E. mount type camera? As well since I have APS-C camera maybe you can also recommend right speed booster lens and autofocus adapter? I seen there are many autofocus adapters including speed booster lens but problem is that adding multiple adapters can increase lens distance from sensor so much image might be out of focus. I also consider making own adapter and I could use even lens for speed boosting that I have. Anybody tried this?

Jupiter-9 bayonet

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I assume it's not a Contax bayonet, but a Contarex, like this one I found on Ebay.

I'm not sure it's worth it, it's pretty expensive. An adapter for the widespread M39 screw mount version of the Jupiter 9 would be far cheaper. Many other Soviet lenses came in M39 or M42, sometimes even with an adapter ring between the two.


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