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Flash modifiers

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I don’t use flash often but I recently picked up one for portraits and some light painting. I need to get some light modifiers. In the past I have messed with homemade options but I can afford to buy instead of rigging things up that work just ok. The MagMod system looks really nice. Speed and ease of set up is important. We’re htere any other options I should consider for price reasons that still work well?

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I have read some of his stuff. But it isn’t so much about knowing what I want. It’s about finding something that will accomplish the same thing for a lower price. And by the same thing, I don’t just mean the lighting I also include ease of set up, packing, professionalism, etc in with that. 

The Mag Mod system looks like it will back easily and set up quickly. It doesn’t require that I use homemade pieces that look bad and are a pain to set up in comparison. Most of the things I have made in the past might break when packed in a backpack while traveling. They worked for a while and never perfectly. 

So it really is just thinking about if there are other comparable systems out there but priced lower. I just don’t want to over pay if it exists.

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