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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everybody, I've recently done a switch from Nikon to Sony and even if I'm happy for the most part, it seems like the most simple things to do ever are getting crazy complicated with Sony oO Such as importing files on your laptop for example... For instance, I'm a hybrid shooter. I've done photography for 10 years and brought the A7III to get more into video. After testing different file management settings, I decided to save my pictures on the Card 2 and the footages on Card 1. This allow me to get the best performance of the SD XC II and bigger storage for videos, and not damage my expensive SD XC II with simple pictures. Another reason why I separate videos and pictures is because I noticed that everytime I'm formating the card, the footages naming system restart from number 1... I'm filming mostly documentaries and working on different projects in the same time, and I can never plan how many footages I'll get in a day so I'm trying to empty my cards every night to get it ready for next day. So my editing software (and myself) get crazy with 200 files named C0001.MP4... Also the Memory settings "M1, M2, M3, M4" are actually stored on the SD card and I'd like to keep them 🙄 I've found a walkaround to this problem by NOT formating the cards and just manually deleting the files after the copy. But this created another problem... When deleting the files from the laptop and putting back the SD card in the camera, the Playback window still count the deleted files but consider them as "Unable to Display", which is normal because they are deleted... Off course I could delete it from the camera directly, but the deleting menu is so counter intuitive and take so much time, especially if I'm not able to export for few days, then the only way is deleting date by date, on both cards... And half of the time I got an error message... 😞 "Writing to the memory card was not completed correctly. Recover data ?" (if they've been deleted already from laptop) Soooo after all this extensive message, I would like to know how, you guys, manage to do something as SIMPLE as Importing your files, from a Sony camera 😅 Thank you 🙏😊
  2. I've recently begun shooting video with my a6000 and am finding it to be more confusing than I expected. The camera does a good job, although I need to get a new SD card to use the XAVC format (the one I have is only 8GB Class 10, 30MB/s). I'm shooting in AVCHD 60p in the meantime. I read on some older posts and heard in YouTube videos that many people shoot in XAVC and then export to .mp4 with a smaller bitrate after editing. Obviously this has been done for anything on YouTube, but even after down converting, you can see the difference in AVCHD/XAVC codec quality they are trying to show you. That made me think that I should do the same thing. Could someone suggest what a good workflow is for saving mostly family/kid movies shot with the a6000? I want to take advantage of the superior XAVC codec while balancing quality with size in the final file that gets archived. The only video software I have now is Playmemories Home and Windows Movie Maker (not sure that's compatible with XAVC though). I don't want to buy expensive software at this stage - I only need to do simple, minor edits and splices for now. I'm not overly concerned about compatibility with hardware players. Sorry for being longwinded about a newbie question, but searching has turned up nothing useful for me about this topic.
  3. Hey guys - I've been using the A7rii professionally and continuously for the last 20 days. I am a former Canon 5D Mark III user and I'm currently still using my Canon lenses with the Metabones II adaptor. My client expect a workflow where I deliver photos and videos to them (an even split), roughly 300 - 400 per day. Here are the problems that I've encountered that I haven't been able to solve: 1. The video files have a different capture time to the still files. The still images have the correct correct capture time stamp. This is causing issues for me when I sort by capture time, I'm not getting the correct sequence. 2. After struggling with the frankly awful LCD screen for 2 weeks, I discovered the daylight setting which solved the issue, except that when I switch to video mode, it brings back the dull version of the LCD. 3. When I turn off DRO, it seems to come back on every time I switch to the video mode. 4. Using the metabones adaptor, I can't turn off stabiliser. This seems to be causing issues for me during long exposures on windy days (the stabiliser seems to try compensate for the wind vibration and makes it worse.) 5. This seems to be a Mac problem as I didn't have the problem on a PC. When I bring up an import window, all the images show up and none of the video files show up. In order to import the video files, I have to browse to the video folder, or in Lightroom, I click the "include subfolders". 6. If I'm in manual mode, I can record video at the same settings simply be pressing the record button, however, there are no guides in the preview to show me where the image will be cropped (2/3 to 16/9). A part from going into video mode, is there any setting I can bring up to show me a 16/9 guide? 7. Here are some camera issues that don't seem to have fixes: - I'm shooting in NTSC mode, which means I get a warning message every time I turn on the camera. It doesn't go away until I press the shutter button. - I get the overheating problem, which I just have to wait out. - From the time I take a photo to the time I record a video, there is a decently long lag - maybe 10 seconds, before I can record a video. Any help on any of these issues would be amazing!
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