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Found 5 results

  1. I know this topic is out there in abundance but I wanted to put it in a forum where Sony products wouldn’t be bashed! I saved my pennies and finally switched from a canon 80D, using an APS-C sensor, to a Sony A7iii in September. This was in an attempt to change my hobby into something that might make me some weekend money. Annoyingly I could only afford to buy the Sony with the native 50mm 1.8. Unfortunately, the love affair of had with the nifty fifty from canon was sorely missed. Working as a part time family lifestyle photographer, I found it just lacked.... Something. Anyway, I’ve once again been saving and want your opinions on diversifying the lenses at my disposal. I think I miss the focal length of my crop 50mm, so the highly praised Sony 85mm 1.8 the first lens in leaning towards but would you then chop the 50mm in for a little more towards say a Sigma art 35 1.4. If you were after 2 general lifestyle primes to go with a 70-200 canon f4, what would they be? Thanks for your thoughts and I’m pleased to be joking the community!
  2. I've had a a33 for years and have loved it. I'm looking to upgrade. The main focus of my photos currently is high schools sports. I'm shooting fast moving objects in poor lighting conditions. Many of the gyms I'm shooting in are older and the lighting is bad. I'm just shooting for a hobby that I enjoy. I do a little landscape, and macro. I've been told the newer Sony cameras are able to shoot at a higher ISO with producing less noise. I'd like to keep with a Sony camera and also if possible the same lens mount without using adapters. I've also been told that the translucent mirror in the a33 "steals" some of the light for viewing, which compounds the problem of shooting in low light. What would you recommend as a step up camera? I don't feel the need to go full frame. I'd like to keep to less then $2k for a new body.
  3. Barely two months after buying my license for Capture ONE Pro (for Sony), they come out with a PAID upgrade to Capture ONE Pro 9 - not funny Is this representative for their customer service?
  4. Hi everyone! My first post I guess... I enjoyed browsing and learning from this informative community. My upgrade objective: I want a nice studio like photos for my kids/family. Things happens so fast, I just want to capture some moment nicely. Benchmark examples: http://tinyurl.com/nzekg73 http://tinyurl.com/oqrmpbu http://tinyurl.com/nj6r29f http://tinyurl.com/ortdxcs My current kit Camera: Sony Alpha a330 camera Lenses: M42 Helios 44M-7, CZSonnar 135mm, Minolta Maxxum AF 50mm f/1.7, Sony 35mm (SAL35F18), Sony 85mm (SAL85F28). Strobe/Speedlight: METZ 48 AF-1 (I plan get one of Gary Fong's portrait kit soon). I appreciate your suggestions for upgrade options on a limited budget (USD600), which path should I go or which is the best way to spend $600? Path 1. Buy used a77 Path 2. Buy used a6000 + LA-EA4 adapter Path 3. Sell my old lens to fund and buy a Zeiss lens Path 4. Buy secondary speedlight, (lower guide #?) Path 5. Sell everything and shift to Canon or Nikon's used/old full frame & one lens. I am open to other possible paths you can recommend, thanks a lot for looking! Cheers!
  5. Hello, I am looking to upgrade from a Nex 5n that I have had for a few years. The 5n works pretty well, but I have been having some minor issues with it and the 16.1 megapixels is too small for enlarging prints to the size I like. I am considering upgrading to the a6000 or the a7. Thoughts? I mostly shoot landscapes and cityscapes. I have both the Sony 18-55 and 55-210 lens from the 5n; any other lens you recommend. Thanks so much!
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