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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I apologize for my first post being support was not sure where else to go. I don't know much about camera however purchased my sister a Sony A7RIII. We followed the manual to start it up set up the date and time then noticed there are 5 major dots on the screen(1 red and 4 white), similar to what a dead pixel would look like. They are on the LCD panel and also in the viewfinder. The camera is brand new and the Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 lens we purchased for it is brand new. I assumed dead pixels however it is on both the lcd and the viewfinder, also the dots to not appear on the screen when viewing photos that were taken. I tried googling but was not certain what the problem is. We have not updated the firmware yet since we did not have time, any idea of what the problem could be? Photo's below(sorry picture of my knee is not the best. One is on the lcd and the other is in the viewfinder)
  2. Can anyone give me insight as to what might be going on here? It's happening across multiple lenses soIi'm thinking its a sensor issue...
  3. Purchased an indipro regulated Sony dummy battery to female barrel connector for a shoot in June from Hot Rod Camera. I was planning to power my camera off of the power out on the handles for my Tilta G1 gimbal. Tested very briefly in store (30 sec) and it worked fine. Took the rig out for this shoot the next morning to a remote location several hours away. Set the rig up and all was well for about 10 minutes, at which point the camera crashed and burned completely. The screen went completely pink and upon any attempt to reboot it would either show solid pink, or a confetti of rgb on the screen in video mode. In photo mode it would give an image that was slowly overtaken by green and magenta noise the longer the camera stayed on. Nightmare. Needless to say the shoot was a complete loss and I took the part back to Hot Rod. They put a volt meter on both the handles (power out) and the cable, but neither showed any voltage issues at that moment. The cable was a little higher than the advertised voltage but I suppose within tolerance. I just cant believe that it could be anything else when the camera I had had for just over a year (1 week out of warranty!) with no issues, could be a complete and total loss after 10 minutes of using this new product. Hot Rod spent several months going back and forth with Precision Repair (Sony's repair house) but got nowhere. Indipro won't take any responsibility without outside confirmation that it was their product. I'm to the point that I've taken this on myself, and after having sent Precision three emails in two weeks, I've yet to hear a word from anyone there. The fact that Sony's authorized repair facility is this unresponsive and opaque in their process is totally unacceptable to me. I can't believe a company this established has such massively unhelpful customer service. Has anyone else had an experience like this? Is this a total fluke? This is my 4th Sony camera, and 1st that's required any real maintenance, but if this is how things are handled I'm out...
  4. HELP... I am on a project and my 2 month old Sony a7rII is fritzing out. Problem started last night while using my Metabones adapter with a Canon 28-125 lens. Switched back to my Sony lens and it was fine... Then today during a band photo shoot it started again. The camera has not had any drops or weather issues. Here is what is happening: When I turn on the camera... the screen flashes and acts like it is starting up but never fully shows and details or menus. It attempts to focus and change aperture... but the screen goes dark before coming back on. It repeats this cycle over and over and never goes anywhere. In addition you can feel the shutter or something in the camera moving. Additionally... even after the camera is powered off... the cycle continues. Help! Really hoping there is a way to do a hard reset or something without having to send it in. I have another project over the next 4 days that I would LOVE to use this for and won't be able to send it in for support before then. Sorry this post is all over the place and not as clear as I wish it could be. I have my Canon 5D Mark II and a Sony a6000 so I am covered but really want to keep using the a7rII Thank you in advance for any help!!!! Will Byington willbyingtonphotos@gmail.com
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