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Found 1 result

  1. I have a dilemma. My favorite digital camera ever has been the RX1r2. It perfectly suits what I need for about 75% of my work. (I have a Nikon Z7 and lenses for the rest.) The pop-up viewfinder on my RX1r2 has now broken for the second time and it is a pain to get fixed, if I can get it fixed at all. The first time it cost me $600 to have it repaired and took nearly three months. I have been waiting, and waiting and waiting, in the hope that a RX1r3 might eventually come out. By now I have no idea if I should keep hoping for such a thing or not. I kind of doubt it. It seems more likely that Sony will concentrate on something along the lines of the new A7C, hopefully eventually with a much higher resolution sensor and some small sharp lenses. In the meantime I need to suck it up and repair the RX1r2 again, or replace it. So, I can buy a new RX and hope to not be kicking myself within a year or so when an RX1r3 comes out, or an A7Cr with a much higher resolution sensor and good small lenses comes out. Or I could spend $2,000 more and switch to a Leica Q2. Or I have been considering buying an A7r4 with the tiny Sony/Zeiss 2.8 lens (which I have heard is very sharp.) The Q2 seems to be a non-starter. I played with one the other day and it is a fantastically built camera that feels very good in the hand. But I prefer 35mm to 28, I don't like that the LED screen doesn't move at all, and the thing is much larger and heavier (718 grams vs 507 grams) than the RX1r2. It is also actually slightly larger than the A7r4 body in two of its three dimensions and only about 65 grams lighter (slightly more than 3 ounces) than the A7r4 with the small lens. The A7r4 with the lens is also about $1,000 cheaper than the Q2. If I knew that an RX1r3 was on the way, or an A7Cr with a 47 to 60 mp sensor and some available small good lenses, I could wait six months or so and it wouldn't be any kind of dilemma. And, obviously none of you reading this will know - or if you do would be in a position to let me know - whether or not that will be the case. But, what do you think?
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