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Found 6 results

  1. I am not a photographer, I just shoot videos to my family with my Sony a7iii. I don't want any post production to my videos. Can I simply shoot videos in .mp4 extension avoiding funny kind of video formats?
  2. Hi all I'm a newbie to the forum. First time using a Sony A7 camera in many years. I thought I'd set correctly to record in 4K, expecting to pull 4K recordings when I inserted my memory card into my Macbook. Unfortunately, all I'm seeing is MP4 versions of the video I've recorded. I've also already done the right-click "show package contents" on the AVCHD file and the folders in the subsequent BDMV are showing nothing (I had read from another forum post that the high quality recordings should be in the STREAM folder, but this is also empty). It's kinda driving me a bit nuts, tbh. Not sure if there is some setting on the A7 itself I've missed?? Would appreciate any help.
  3. Hi - I have recently bought a Sony a7ii mirrorless camera and filmed with it in rush without looking diligently into everything. I didn't realise I had to use the PlayMemories Home to transfer the footage elsewhere. I did the traditional method of copying and pasting the entire folder from my SD card into an external drive. I have shot all my footage with the XAVC S format. And for a while, I couldn't figure out how to get access to the MTS files, but when I solved it, some folders were empty (while viewing on the hard drive). The folder size of the MTS files is in KB instead of GB. Now, I only have access to all the MP4 files (low resolution) and unable to access the MTS files when I follow this pathway AVCHD > BDMV > STREAM > MTS. According, to a Sony customer support specialist I spoke to, not using the app could result in damaged or unplayable files. The SD card has long been formatted, so no way of going back to this specific step. I'm wondering if anyone else had had this issue and if there's any advice anyone can offer. It's really distressing.
  4. I have an a6500 and while filming an interview the battery died. One video file out of 4 will not open even though it says it is 8 gigs in size. I was reading that some other people have gone through this however no real solution to save the file. Can anyone help me with this. These are very important files. I am baffled that Sony doesnt have a resolution or a safeguard against this happening. Thanks so much in advance for the help.
  5. Hi guys, Need some tech info here.... Based in the UK and looking to film with my a7sii in some high frame rates to take advantage of slow motion in editing. Set to PAL as it seems to get rid of light flicker with the UK stuff over here. So.....MP4 gives a max of 60fps which is cool but I want even slower so I've had to set to XAVC HD instead to use the 100+fps which is great. However......I usually switch between 24mm 35mm 50mm Samyang full frame primes when filming but (on XAVC format) after i hit record it crops itself automatically, it didn't do this on MP4, so now everything looks like an 85mm lens?! Basically I want to use the best codec that will give me HUGE fps for slow motion, full frame use of all my lenses and in an NTSC or PAL format that combats the UK frequency of lights etc. Any helpers?? Appreciate it as always
  6. Hi everyone, I got a problem during a recording.. I change the battery without stopping the recording.. So, the rush didn't register on the SD card as a '.MP4' file. Instead of that, I got a '.RSV' file (visible on my computer) that I can't read as a video, and which has the good size of my original rush (29Go). I want to know if you have any idea about how to open it or convert it as a MP4 file? Thank you in advance. Greetings.
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