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Found 5 results

  1. Ropework by Midori - shot with a IR Sony A7Rii - cropped a lot. I censored nude woman as I do not know the policy of nudes here. I drove up from Ohio last week to hit the Araki show in Manhattan at the Museum of Sex. Very happy with show other than no spermanko photos. (Possible due to the lady curator's personal prejudice, but that was speculation from some people 'in the know' I spoke with.) Also took in a show at the ICP (Cartier-Bresson and Erwitt, among others) Backpacks were not allowed in the Museum, so I bought a fisherman's vest and took in 4 cams. Shot about 300+ photos, but who know when I will get to them. (I'm worse than Winogrand. I got photos going back to 2013 that need looking through. But it is not my choice, just no time.) I was very happy I found out how to convert Sony RAW. I downloaded a DNG converter from Adobe. My LR 5.71 wont convert them. On the con side, my bike got stolen a few hours after parking it at the PATH station.
  2. I am using a Sony a7r2 with the 16-35 f4 and have a weird issue with triggering the camera with IR on a drone I can trigger the camera with infra red if it’s handheld or on a tripod but as soon as I place it on my gimbal it will only fire in manual focus mode. I’m using a servo to trigger an infra red and if I tilt the camera down about 45 degrees the camera will fire in autofocus, however if I tilt it up it won’t fire. I have tried every setting imaginable and also shielding the IR with no success. I am using the exact same set up that I had with a Sony A7R, it fired every time in autofocus with the Sony A7R, but not with the Sony A7R2, I’m forced to use manual focus.
  3. So I tested my two Konica ƒ14 standards. 50mm ƒ1.4 -- one of the worst hot spot issues I have seen. All the way open to ƒ4 before it went away. 57mm ƒ1.4 -- fantastic with no not spot at any aperture. If you are buying a standard I Konica the 50mm is overall a better lens in terms of sharpness. So if you are only shooting normal and no IR it would be my choice, though the bokeh of the 57mm is better. If your primary interest is IR then the 57mm is the obvious choice.
  4. Taken on a full spectrum converted Sony A7 with an 72mm B+W 093 MRC filter (830nm)
  5. I am a keen infrared image maker and recently jumped ship from Canon to Sony. One of the reasons for this was the access to full frame mirrorless as I love my wide angle lenses for infrared. The problem is that I am having trouble finding suitable full frame lenses suitable for IR as most of the Sony lenses have "hotspots". I have tested a few lwnses and visited most "infrared" knowledge articles on the web based around camera company modifiers and infrared groups. The list of suitable Sony lenses seems quite limited so I have started experimenting with other brands and adapters. Is there anyone else out there in infrared world that we can discuss what we have learnt? May even try and post a list of lenses but this will take time and money to test and develop. To see some infrared images visit my infrascapes gallery at - http://markd.photography/markd/digartal-colour-places/ , although most of these are pre Sony but the gallery will expand as I have 3 Sony Aphas and 2 are infrared. Thanks. Mark
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